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What are database associations ?

Most entities are not isolated and they are related to another entity in a one-to-one, one-to-many or many-to-many relationship. CRUDigniter helps you manage one-to-many relationships in your code. Let us illustrate this with the help of an example:

Consider an invoice management application where there are 2 entities : invoices and customers. The relationship betweem these two entities is one-to-many viz. one customer CAN have many invoices but one invoice CANNOT have many customers. It can be represented by an EER diagram as follows : For the above database schema, If we were to build a UI Form, it would look like the one below. In this form, the HTML code for select will be : <select> <option value="5">John</option> </select>

The number in the value="5" comes from the column `id` in the database (primary key) and the value inside the dropdown comes from the `first_name` column.

Thus, we can conclude that in a one-to-many association, the data displayed in the form consists of two parts :

  1. The value inside the value="" attribute (primary key of the associated table)
  2. The value inside the dropdown (column in the associated table)

How to create associations
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