User Guide
Auto-generation of form controls

CRUDigniter can "look into" your database SQL dump, see the column types / names and automatically figure out form control types. If you follow the conventions below while creating your database, then CRUDigniter will automatically add these form validation rules to your add() and edit() methods.

Database Rule Form Control Type Notes
text, mediumtext or longtext textarea -
tinyint(1) or boolean checkbox A checkbox is the best representation for a boolean field. Generally, a BOOLEAN or TINYINT(1) is chosen in MySQL for representing boolean values.
column name contains the word "password" password -
custom association value set via CRUDigniter dropdown more information here
ENUM dropdown Use ENUMs only when your dropdown values are not foreign key entities but just text values that need to be selected from a list. If your dropdown values are linked to another table, then use associations instead
everything else text -
Overriding form controls

While CRUDigniter will do a best effort to guess the form controls, these form controls can be overridden by manually selecting the form control type in the rules dropdown. (screenshot below)