User Guide
First Steps

First steps to using CRUDigniter is to understand the user interface and ensure that you are following the steps in the correct order and the importance of each step is well understood.

#1 Uploading / Selecting a Database

The process begins with Step 1.1 or Step 1.2, where you will be either uploading a new database or selecting a database that you have already uploaded before.

The following restrictions apply when you are uploading a new database (for CRUDigniter to effectively identify all tables and have them show up in the table list)

  1. DO NOT include the CREATE DATABASE line inside your SQL dump.
  2. DO NOT use uppercase characters in table name or column name, hyphens, spaces or DELIMITER syntax
  3. PLEASE upload valid SQL files containing database structure only - CREATE TABLE and ALTER TABLE statements only (and NOT data)
  4. DO NOT upload files greater than 8 MB.
In case your database does get uploaded but no tables are shown, please test if your SQL file is working correctly by uploading it to phpmyadmin on your local machine.